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N+ Digi Dock Raspberry Pi4 Handheld Console

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Brand New - N+ Digi Dock Handheld Console with Raspberry Pi4 Core.  This is upgrade version of the first release of N+ Digi Dock Raspberry Pi3B+. Only total 100 units produces with Raspberry pi 3b+ and Pi4. 

No more introduce how strong is Raspberry Pi4 compare with Pi3B+, all of the console are hand assembly by a company in China Named as " Serious Play".

All of the unit come with its own special ID : 2019-00000??

We have very limited quantity for this N+ Digi Dock handheld console only total 4 units, please do grab your console before the chance gone. 


Console Name: N+

Charging : 5V1.8A(max)

Battery Capacity: 8010mah (4.32V)

Inside the packaging: 

1) N+ Digi Dock Pi4 with own series number

2) 1pc additional conductive pad

3) Extra Buttons color different from the console button

4) 2 sets extra LR Buttons

You may choose for add on for the Micro Sd Card that come with the img. if you choose the blank console you will need to purchase your own micro sd card and download the img that provided by us.

You can Refer the video for the Rapsberry Pi3B+ :

N+ Digi Dock Pi3B Review by alwaysbefun

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