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Shipping Policy and Rates

Shipping from Malaysia to local and international customers.

Rates can be calculated according to weight and order amount by visiting the cart and then checkout page.

Shipping Company/Shipping Types:

If the Shipping company you choose is not able/not provided to your country's we may choose to use other shipping company/method to ship the product.

Free Shipping

If free Shipping is applied for the product, please take noted that we will ship it by DHL ePacket or DHL eCommerce, normally will take 25 to 60 days all depends to the shipping company and import and export country restrictions.

We highly recommended you to contact us and request to upgrade it with additional cost for the economy Express Shipping by DHL Express or TNT Express with usually 10 to 15 days. 

Replacement Shipping

If replacement Shipping is applied for the product/order, please take noted that we will ship it by DHL ePacket or DHL eCommerce, normally will take 25 to 60 days all depends to the shipping company and import and export country restrictions.

Duties, VAT, and other Taxes

Products and shipping options do not include international taxes, duties, VAT or other feed as regulated by foreign governments. We take no responsibility for customs/import charges If you are unaware of the currently policy for your state of residence, please contact your local customs office.

Customers who do not wish to pay customs fees for any reason after your order has been placed cannot be refunded as the items may not be sent back. 

By ordering you agree to accept any import or customs charges for your order. 

Notice of Delivery

Orders that have been marked "delivered" or "delivery attempted" or other phrases that maintain the same meaning as those prior, are considered complete. If you are still missing your order, please contact your local post or customs office, check with a neighbor for a delivery address mistake or your security cameras for theft.

Anyone can state that their package has not been delivered even if is has. The majority of our customs are trustworthy but some are not and tracking information is the only we can ensure receipt of our shipments.

IPA shipments via international mail, do not come with tracking information for the last mile delivery. Please consider use economy express shipping for those that wish can get the parcels faster and safe.

My package was stolen! Not Receive it!  What now? 

My Retro Game Case is not responsible for packages that have been marked as "delivered" or "attempted for delivery". Please make arrangements to be present for your delivery or provide a secure place to deliver them.

Can you declare a lower value on international customs forms?

No. We are legally required to provide an unaltered purchase amount and invoice according to your countries import laws. Changing prices is illegal.

Can you get full refund if the package refuse/ rejected or returned by your country ?

No. We will only release the refund of the package of the item itself, we will deduct the shipping cost and refund the total of the product item itself only after we receive the package back from the shipping company, as this is not our control and responsibility.

Shipping FAQ:

  • Do we ship to any country?
  • Yes, we ship worldwide and postage is calculated on the website. If it doesn't work it out then unfortunately the MALAYSIA postal service doesn't deliver there

  • Do we have a cheaper method of shipping aboard?
  • No, I have been scammed to many times if a parcel is sent on a cheaper service that doesn't have delivery tracking. Sorry to say but there is a system out there and lots of people play it so i'm just covering all my bases.


  • How long does it take before you ship my order?
  • I ship 2 times a week, Wednesday and Friday.


  • How long will my parcel take to get to me?
  • All services are tracked, you have a tracking number so please have a look. but generally they say between 25-60 days for ecommerce shipping method and 10-15 days or economy express shipping method but all still depends on shipping company.

  • Why i choose DHL express but you ship it with other shipping company?
  • If the shipping method/company you choose not provided/not able to deliver the service, we will choose other shipping method/company to ship the product. If the product is free shipping the shipping method/company will be choose by us. 

Please Take Note and must follow up:

If your parcel service has attempted delivery and left a card then please follow this up, again you have the tracking details so please check. If they try to delivery it and you do not collect it or contact them then the parcel will be returned to me. At this point if you would like your parcel shipping again then this is at your cost, if you would like a refund this will be minus the original shipping cost also.

Please do fill with completely full address, especially for those live somewhere with a complicated address, or on a bounder of 2 cities, states or on a collage campus then please be clear when filling out your information, It will be your cost to reship a parcel that has been return to me for an incorrect address

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