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GBA Metal Shell Installation Tutorial

GBA Metal Shell Installation Tutorial

Let's start to build this Gameboy Advance Metals Shell, this metal shell is designed to fix with the OCA Laminated Screen, so for non laminated OCA screen we need to print another bracket to fix the screen or you can stick the display screen to the screen lenses.

1st Steps:MRGC_gba.jpg
after stick lens.jpg

2nd Steps:

slide in the screen.jpg
3d brackets.jpg

tighten screws.jpg

old funny playing screen.jpg3rd Steps:

rubber pad.jpg

fix all.jpg

cirucit board.jpg

4th Steps:
battery compartment.jpg

remove game card bracket.jpg

battery parts.jpg

fix battery connector.jpg

fix game card bracket.jpg

Last Steps:

Put all - trigger buttons, power switch (need to get it from old housing) and close the back shell and tighten all seven screws.

back cover.jpg


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