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Gameboy GBC ESP32 Installation Guide

Gameboy GBC ESP32 Installation Guide

GBC ESP32 Kits.jpg

Kits come with:

  • GBC ESP32 Logic Board
  • 2.8 " Screen
  • Speaker  x 1pc
  • Small Round Silicon Gasket x 2pcs
  • 14500 800mAh Rechargeable battery x 2pcs
  • Game Cartridge Shell Case
  • Game Cartridge Logic Board
  • 16gb Sd-Card 

You may need.jpg

Tools you may need to prepare:

  • Gameboy Color Shell Case
  • Gameboy Color Screen Lenses
  • Any Glue (UHU or 502 also can)
  • Thin Double Side Tape
  • Plier or Cutter

Installation Guide:


First Step: Follow photo A orange circle trim cut remove those unnecessary like photo B to fix the 2.8' display screen.

second step.jpg
Second Steps: Measure by using the logic board and cut  from the photo A to B.


Third Steps: Stick the 2 round silicon gasket by using UHU glue or any glue as same like the yellow circle from the photo

forth step.jpg

Forth Steps: Trim a bit as show from the photo yellow circle, so it will not stuck the slider button


Fifth Steps: Now you can stick the double side tape and adjust accordingly the screen and stick it to the shell case, and you can insert all buttons, rubber pad, on/off switch and the infrared cover.


 Sixth Steps: Bent the screen flex cable as show by the photo


Seventh Steps: Insert the logic board, insert the screen flex cable (orange circle), tighten 3 screws(red circle) and last stick and connct the speaker(yellow circle)

last step.jpg

Last Steps: You can put your back shell case, before tighten the 6 screws(red circle) insert the game cartridge first, if not you may have difficult to insert the game cartridge after tighten all screws, and last you can enjoy your games.

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